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Xbox360 is by all accounts one of the most popular gaming platforms. They have newer bundles released to keep your interest, and the consoles' hard drives have increased capacity. The original Xbox360 debuted against Sony's PlayStation 3, their hardware was similar but there were fewer bells and whistles on the Xbox360.

Price was assuredly one of the major factors that gave the Xbox360 a lead over PS3 from the beginning. But things have changed, and the PS3 has lowered prices without sacrificing features, so the sales there have risen. So, the newest Xbox360 was released, with newer features that will allow it to be competitive with the PS3. In addition, printable Xbox360 coupons from this site, the best Video Game Coupons site for coupons that will lower the price to a more approachable range.

Printable Xbox360 Coupons

The newer Xbox360 units do look different. The matte exterior is now glossy black, and the concave indentation comes to a point where the power button is located. Even the power buttons are more advanced – the new buttons require no pressure, since they are touching sensitive. You can use online Xbox360 coupons to place this platform well within the reach of your budget. The tray for the new consoles is also moved to a location above, making it easier to use. Between the original price and Xbox360 coupons, the price was more in reach for gamers, and you can purchase add-ons anytime you like.

The new Xbox360 is a bit smaller than the original version, but it's not a big difference. It feels more compact, since the hard drive design is remodeled. The hard drive is still removable, but it's a bit more difficult to get access to. This is a minor complaint, since the hard drive is the same standard size as the last bundle, at 250GB. Xbox360 coupons give you a chance to try the new unit for yourself, and play the newer games.

The new Xbox360 has caught up with the PS3 in terms of connectivity now. They both include 802.11 WiFi, and this is likely the best improvement over former models. With those units, you had to purchase additional accessories to get wifi connectivity. In this area, the Xbox360 has caught up with PS3. You can update your gaming experience by using free Xbox360 coupons from this site, the best site online for Video game Coupons , having major brands coupons like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Coupons, Gears of War Coupons

The newer version of the Xbox360 has five USB ports, whereas the older ones had only three. It also has an AUX port, made specifically for the Microsoft Kinnect motion device. The connections on the back are the same, except that the digital audio port is upgraded to accept newer optical inputs. Xbox360 coupons printable give you a great opportunity to check out the new system.

You'll find that the new Xbox360 also runs more quietly than the older version. When you played on the original version, the game discs spun so loudly that they made it hard to hear the game action. You'll enjoy the lack of that noise on the new Xbox360, and you'll be glad you used Xbox360 coupons printable to grab the newer model.

The new console is backwards compatible with existing game titles, and you'll find the familiar memory card slot missing, but you can use USB thumb drives for that purpose. Xbox360 coupons will allow you to enjoy the biggest selling features of the unit, and the Xbox Live service. Through this, you can get rental movies, Netflix streaming, and some on-demand and live content. These new additions are based on software, so they don't affect your gaming performance. Use discounts with Xbox360 coupons for Xbox360 to bring home this exceptional gaming system with less money out of pocket.